What Researchers Say -- Nano Silver

Why not much has been heard about Nano Silver

Colloidal Silver cannot be patented. The Food and Drug Administration (in U.S.) has classified Colloidal Silver as a pre-1938 drug, which makes it exempt from current patent laws. If a product cannot be patented and a monopoly held on it in the marketplace, it cannot demand a high price. Therefore, Colloidal Silver is worthless to the pharmaceutical companies.
Anahata Health Clinic, Brighton, U. K.

With the advent of the penicillin and antibiotics, the focus of the pharma industry shifted toward antibiotics as they were easy to mass produce and also could be patented. However now, it is more and more understood that use of antibiotics has led to higher resistance in bacteria’s and they have become drug resistant. Also the antibiotics do not work against virus, fungus etc. Silver being a natural mineral does not create higher resistant microorganism and simply kills bacteria, virus, molds etc., in a small amount of time.

For this reason it is coming in focus once again.